Forklift (Counter Balanced Lift Truck) Training

Presented on the client's premises we can facilitate either Novice Forklift Training or alternatively for learner's who has had a previous certificate for operation of a Forklift or a Counter Balanced Lift Truck given the certificate had not expired for a period exceeding 90 days, we can facilitate a re-certification course of the Forklift driver Training.

Novice courses are done over a period of 5 days and the re-certification course is done in a day.

The course is based upon SAQA Unit Standard 8038.

The following requirements to be met by learner:

  1. Candidate must be of 18 years of age or older.
  2. A declaration from the employer confirming the learner's physical and psychological fitness to undergo the intendant training.
  3. An optometrist’s certificate confirming that the learner has adequate day and night vision and depth perception. Alternatively, a valid copy of a Professional Drivers Permit may also be accepted.
  4. Learner to be clothed/equipped with the required Personal Protective Equipment.
  5. A copy of the expired or previous certificate of competance, if it is a re-certification training session.